VIDEO The #SpidermanCrawl : A Full Body Workout

The #SpidermanCrawl is a simple yet effective full body workout that will get you trim in no time!

It combines the wonders of pushups and mountain climbers to work your abs, chest, arms, back, legs, hips, glutes, and shoulders. Plus, it will get your cardio pumping like nothing else.

Bonus: You do not need a gym to practice the #SpidermanCrawl! Find some flat terrain outside, or roam the halls of your home or apartment.

What you need to remember:

  1. Keep your bum low and parallel with the ground (just like when you are doing a plank).
  2. Position your hands slightly wider than your shoulders, as though you are doing a military style push up.
  3. Bring your knee up to your elbow or tricep and touch it as you lower into a push up.
  4. Bring your leg back and repeat on the other side.
  5. Keep your core engaged, and be careful not to lock your elbows when you come up into the high plank position.

This is a full body exercise that may activate muscles you are not used to working with. Start your #SpidermanCrawl training slowly – like five taps on each leg – and build from there.

Train safe, train smart, train clean.

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