For some, the gym can be the scariest place on earth. It goes beyond carving out time in an already busy schedule, or overcoming the effects of too little sleep. For those struggling to meet their health goals, going to the gym and being surrounded by people more “fit” than you can be a sensory assault and a reminder of your inadequacy. These are the last things you should ever feel at the gym.

  1. The gym is a safe place – not a place to judge or to be critical of others. Everyone there is just trying to be the strongest, healthiest version of themselves. People that are serious about health are focused on their own performance and breaking personal records. They are motivated by the overwhelming feeling of positivity in the gym and their health goals.
  2. When you walk into the gym, everyone is encouraging you to do your best. You are all there for the same reason, despite the speed on the treadmill or the number on the weights. When it comes to working out, you will always get an “A” for effort.
  3. The gym is not a place to measure your worth by the visibility of your abs. The gym is a place to encourage yourself and those around you just for being there and trying. It is a place where you should feel confident to be yourself and focus on your personal progress – not anyone else’s’.

This is your fitness journey. If you meet people who discourage you, stare at you, or recommend supplements to make you look how they think you should look – smaller or bigger – just ignore them. Find your focus and worry about how you measure against yesterday’s you.

Are you running a little faster? Squatting a little deeper? Lifting a little heavier?

You’re winning.