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We are all capable of pushing our bodies and minds to do amazing things. No matter what your age, profession, or athletic ability, personal fitness goals can lead you to do things that you never even dreamed. 

We are always excited to meet people that are passionate about fitness and motivated to take on personal challenges. For them, success is more about completing an incredible physical feat or beating a personal best, than measuring themselves against others. 

Our Inspirations are self-motivated on their own fitness journey, and are first to encourage others to achieve their goals. We would like to introduce you to some people that inspire us with their mental and physical dedication to athletics, and who exemplify what it means to be “a good sport.” 


Our Inspiration: Adam Harrison
Our Inspiration: Adam Harrison

Adam Harrison

Our first inspirational person is our good friend, Adam Harrison. A Creative and Marketing Specialist in Toronto, he always makes time for sports and fitness. Recently, he completed his first Marathon in an inspiring 3:43:35. Click Here to read his story, and learn some helpful tricks for your own training!


Congratulations on your recent personal best at the #SportingLife10K! Read about Adam’s latest triumph Here.



Our Inspiration: Ashley Massey.

Ashley Massey

Ashley is a full-time working mother of two, half-marathon runner, and the newest member of the CleanWorkout.com team!

She will be a contributing writer and has lots of experience to share about staying active with a busy schedule; experimenting with recipes to make them healthier; staying focused and balanced when chasing after her two kids; and how to inspire those around you to be active. She believes that everyone can make small changes to their lifestyle and diet that, over time, will not only make you look better, but will make you feel more focused and energized. Welcome to the team, Ashley! Click Here to learn more about her.



Our Inspiration: Caroline Macdonell

Caroline Macdonell

Caroline is an Elementary School teacher who is dedicated to fitness in every form. She is committed to various types of Yoga, but never passes up an opportunity to try new things.

She was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes at a young age and has never let it dictate her fitness, her passions, or her adventures. Read Caroline’s Story Here to learn more about how she has handled challenges without limiting herself.





Our Inspiration : Clara Cho, PhD

Clara Cho, PhD

Clara is about to embark on her latest academic journey: as an Assistant Professor at Utah State University in Nutritional Sciences. She has dedicated her life and her career to studying the effects of vitamins and nutrients on the human body and even shared her most interesting findings with us!

Read Clara’s Tips for leading a balanced lifestyle with everything from food, fitness and extra-curricular sports.




joanna hike
Our Inspiration : Joanna Marie Nicholson

Joanna Marie Nicholson

Joanna was encouraged by a colleague to run her first 5km race back in 2010. Since then, she has traversed thousands of kilometres running, cycling and swimming while competing as a triathlete; helped raise thousands of dollars for charity; and continued to encourage those around her to start their own fitness journey.

While inspiring those around her, Joanna is in fierce competition with herself. That drive has pushed her to finish in top places in races including top 20 women at the 2016 Guelph Sprint Duathlon.

Did we mention that she also achieved her culinary school diploma while working full-time as a communications professional? Read more about Joanna’s amazing accomplishments, her tips for success and her favourite recipes, here!

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