#SuperfoodSunday : Cacao

Cacao, the unprocessed form of chocolate, not only tastes great, but it incredibly healthy!

Cacao nibs are the whole food that is ground down to make a powder that is added to milk, sugar and cocoa butter to create chocolate. Nibs provide a strong chocolate flavour with all the health benefits and can be added to smoothies, or used to replace chocolate chips to make recipes more healthful. They are quite bitter when you bite into them, so a small amount of cacao nibs goes a long way.

Refrain from using dairy when cooking with cacao as it inhibits the antioxidant benefit. Try using coconut milk, soy, almond, or rice milk instead.

Here is what makes cacao so super:

  • Ultra high antioxidant concentration – 20 times more than a blueberry and 119 times more than a banana
  • It improves your mood with anandamide, creating the feeling of euphoria
  • It balances hormonal mood swings by boosting serotonin
  • It protects your heart with flavonoids, an anti-inflammatory antioxidant
  • Contains anti-aging antioxidants
  • Thins blood and prevents blood clots
  • High in magnesium to give you extra energy, and benefit people with osteoporosis
  • High in fibre so it promotes digestion
Raw Cacao is an excellent source of antioxidants and fibre.
Raw Cacao is an excellent source of antioxidants and fibre.

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